UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook (4th Edition)

The twentieth anniversary edition of the world’s best-selling UNIX system administration book has been made even more invaluable by adding coverage of the leading Linux distributions: Ubuntu, RHEL, and openSUSE. System administrators looking to efficiently solve technical problems and maximize reliability and performance in production environments can now turn to UNIX® and Linux® System Administration Handbook, Fourth Edition, which has been systematically updated to reflect today’s most important enterprise Linux and UNIX distributions and most valuable administrative tools.

Drawing on decades of experience, the authors share clear, well-founded advice on constructing robust, production-grade systems and networks that can be easily maintained, monitored, and controlled. You’ll find detailed, up-to-date best practices advice and important new coverage of virtualization, cloud computing, security management, web load balancing and scalability, LDAP/Active Directory integration, modern web scripting languages, Spacewalk, DTrace, eco-friendly IT management, and much more. It reflects the latest versions of all these distributions:

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
Ubuntu Linux
Oracle Solaris

Sharing war stories and hard-won insights, the authors capture the behavior of UNIX and Linux systems in the real world, not just in ideal environments. They explain complex tasks in detail, with illustrations from actual production environments, and provide brand-new “Top 20 lists” of system administration rules, power-saving tips, and more.