Hunting Security Bugs – E-Book

Hunting Security Bugs - Ebook

Finding security flaws is now a fundamental development task, yet there has not been adequate documentation of the process used to find security bugs—until now. Before the Internet, computers were deployed in trusted environments and software development and testing practices emphasized functionality over security. As networking technologies emerged, though, times changed and people began to connect their computers together, instead of deploying in silos. However, development and testing practices did not account for attacks that could be mounted over networks.

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Linux – The Complete Reference (6th Edition)

Author: Richard Petersen Paperback: 866 pages Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media Language: English ISBN : 007159664X Format: Pdf Details: Your one-stop guide to Linux–fully revised and expanded. Get in-depth coverage of all Linux features, tools, and utilities from this thoroughly updated and comprehensive resource, designed for all Linux distributions. Written by Linux expert Richard Petersen, this book explains how to get up-and-running on Linux, use the desktops and shells, manage applications, deploy servers, implement security measures, and handle system and network administration tasks. With full coverage of the latest platform, Linux: The Complete Reference, Sixth Edition includes details on the very different and popular Debian (Ubuntu) and Red Hat/Fedora software installation and service management tools used by most distributions. This is a must-have guide for all Linux users. Install, configure, and administer any Linux distribution. Work with files and folders from the BASH, TCSH, and Z shells. Use the GNOME and KDE desktops, X Windows, and display managers. Set up office, database, Internet, and multimedia applications. Secure data using SELinux, netfilter, SSH, and Kerberos. Encrypt network transmissions with GPG, LUKS, and IPsec. Deploy FTP, Web, mail, proxy, print, news, and database servers. Administer system resources using HAL, udev, and virtualization (KVM and Xen). Configure and maintain IPv6, DHCPv6, NIS, networking, and remote access. Access remote files and devices using NFSv4, GFS, PVFS, NIS, and SAMBA.

Linux – The Complete Reference (6th Edition)

Maximum Linux Security (2nd Edition) eBook

Maximum Linux Security (2nd Edition) eBook

Maximum Linux Security: A Hacker’s Guide to Protecting Your Linux Server and Workstation is designed for system administrators, managers, or Linux users who wish to protect their Linux servers and workstations from unauthorized intrusions and other external threats to their systems’ integrity. Written by an experienced hacker–someone who knows which systems are vulnerable and how crackers get into them–this unique guide to Linux security identifies existing and potential security holes and faults, and then describes how to go about fixing them.

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Hacking Exposed Linux (3rd Edition)

Hackinosinuxrdtion Hacking Exposed Linux (3rd Edition)

Aqui os dejo este pedazo de eBook de Hacking Exposed Linux.

Author: ISECOM
Paperback: 813 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 3 edition (July 15, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0072262575
ISBN-13: 978-0072262575
Format: pdf
This authoritative guide will help you secure your Linux network–whether you use Linux as a desktop OS, for Internet services, for telecommunications, or for wireless services. Completely rewritten the ISECOM way, Hacking Exposed Linux, Third Edition provides the most up-to-date coverage available from a large team of topic-focused experts. The book is based on the latest ISECOM security research and shows you, in full detail, how to lock out intruders and defend your Linux systems against catastrophic attacks.
Secure Linux by using attacks and countermeasures from the latest OSSTMM research
Follow attack techniques of PSTN, ISDN, and PSDN over Linux
Harden VoIP, Bluetooth, RF, RFID, and IR devices on Linux
Block Linux signal jamming, cloning, and eavesdropping attacks
Apply Trusted Computing and cryptography tools for your best defense
Fix vulnerabilities in DNS, SMTP, and Web 2.0 services
Prevent SPAM, Trojan, phishing, DoS, and DDoS exploits
Find and repair errors in C code with static analysis and Hoare Logic

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Lista de libros SEO

Recientemente se han publicado varios libros seo en el mercado español. Esto me sirve de pie para dar una lista de algunos de los libros que he leído y también como no para reseñar las nuevas incorporaciones.

1. Optimización del posicionamiento en buscadores con PHP
De Jaimie Sirovich Y Cristian Darie me parece un magnífico libro que condensa la mayoría de cositas necesarias para desarrollar una buena arquitectura web. Es apto para los seo que saben hacer desarrollo web. Ya está publicada la versión en castellano. Pero en su día me lo leí en inglés. No suelen hacer muy buenas traducciones de este tipo de libros.

2. Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day
De Jennifer Grappone y Couzin Gradiva es un buen libro para introducirse en la idea de la gestión de estadísticas. La verdad es que me lo leí hace tiempo y debería volver a darle un repaso. Aunque ha pasado tiempo siempre tendrá cosas vigentes.

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