ClusterSSH – Administración de servidores de “una sola tacada”

Los administradores de sistemas que disponen de una gran cantidad de servidores Linux/Unix que administrar, o bien disponen de máquinas que tiene una configuración similar pueden utilizar una herramienta llamada OpenSSH. Herramienta que permite administrar vía SSH varios servidores a la vez.

Se instala con un simple sudo apt-get install clusterssh (en sistemas debian)

Os dejo un video para que veais la instalación, configuración y uso de esta mágnifica herramienta «OpenSSH»


  • Software: ClusterSSH
  • Duración: 2 minutos y 54 segundos
  • Fuente:

Como actualizar a WordPress 2.7

Ya está aquí la nueva versión 2.7 de WordPress, viene con bastantes cambios de apariencia y funcionalidad a nivel de dashboard, os dejo un vídeo en el que se pueden observar todas estas novedades. La actualización es tán sencilla como las anteriores, puedes descargarlo y encontrar la guía de actualización/instalación en este enlace.

TotalWeb SEO – aprender SEO – Videotutoriales

TotalWeb SEO – 1,66 Gb

If You Are Fed Up With Optimizing Your Website For The Search Engines And Getting Little Or NO Results, Then Read This Web Page Very Carefully To Discover…
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Video 1 – Mastering the Basics

How to develop your strategy for 500 visitors per day
What is SEO and how it’s going to help you
what search engines you should target first for the best results
What to do if a SEO company approaches you !

Video 2 – How Search Engines rank your pages

How search engines really work
why they rank sites at number 1
The 3 elements you must have for ranking at the top
Why you won’t rank for some terms

Video 3 – Lay Strong Foundations

The most important factors in choosing your niche
How to choose the right keywords
Why the size of your niche will make or break you
How to find profitable niches for your industry
The elements of your niche you concentrate on

Video 4 – Develop your website

The most important elements in your web pages
Learn where to place these for maximum optimization
How changing a couple of words doubles your traffic
Why adding in some elements will get you banned

Video 5 – Power up your SEO (1)

Get indexed in the search engines within 24 hours
Three factors you must get right to rank at number 1
Dislodge your competitors and climb above them
How to get other webmasters to promote your site

Video 6 – Power up your SEO (2)

How to get your own site to be a link magnet
What 3 things not to do to promote your site
What things don’t work any more !
Supercharge today’s most popular method of promotion

Video 7 – Learn from the professionals

A run through of my number 1 ranking website
How I built it and how I get number 1 rankings
I show you how I develop it for popularity
I’ll show you all my code and my SEO strategy

Video 8 – Explode your visitors exponetially

One thing you must do once a week to your site
My top tip to get others to develop your site for free
How to double the value of outsourced material
How to double your visitors in 30 days


Aprender sobre DNS en videotutorial

Videotutorial en ingles, sobre DNS (domain name sistem), a modo de introduccion se explica que son las dns, como se resuelven los nombres dominios, y como se instala, configura y se utiliza en distintas plataformas (windows, linux, solaris)


01 Welcome
0101 Welcome
0102 Introduction

02 An Introduction to DNS
0201 What is DNS?
0202 What is DNS Used for?

03 How Does DNS Work?
0301 The DNS Namespace
0302 The DNS Request Process

04 Configuring DNS Clients
0401 Collecting The Required DNS Settings
0402 Configuring Microsoft Windows DNS Clients
0403 Configuring Unix DNS Clients

05 Using DNS Clients
0501 The Available DNS Clients
0502 Using NSLOOKUP in Interactive Mode
0503 Using NSLOOKUP in Batch Mode
0504 Using DIG in Unix
0505 WHOIS

06 About Zones and Records
0601 What are Zones?
0602 What are Records?
0603 Exploring the Various Record Types

07 DNS Server Architecture
0701 Planning Your DNS Server

08 Microsoft Windows DNS Servers
0801 Installing the MS Windows DNS Server
0802 Configuring the MS Windows DNS Server
0803 Creating/Configuring a Primary Forward Zone
0804 Creating Other Types of Zones
0805 Configuring Records
0806 Configuring Sub Domains

09 Unix DNS Servers
0901 What DNS Servers are Available for Unix?
0902 Installing BIND 9 from Binary Distribution pt. 1
0903 Installing BIND 9 from Binary Distribution pt. 2
0904 Installing BIND 9 from Source Code
0905 Configuring BIND 9 Options pt. 1
0906 Configuring BIND 9 Options pt. 2
0907 Configuring BIND Zones pt. 1
0908 Configuring BIND Zones pt. 2
0909 Configuring BIND Records pt. 1
0910 Configuring BIND Records pt. 2
0911 Configuring Subdomains in BIND
0912 Configuring using RNDC pt. 1
0913 Configuring using RNDC pt. 2

10 Advanced Windows DNS Features
1001 Configuring Dynamic DNS in Windows
1002 Configuring Record Scavenging in Windows
1003 Configuring Round Robin DNS in Windows
1004 Configuring NOTIFY in Windows
1005 Configuring WINS Integration in Windows

11 DNS And Active Directory in Windows
1101 Active Directory and DNS Working Together
1102 Active Directory DNS Configuration

12 Advanced BIND Features
1201 Configuring Dynamic DNS in BIND
1202 Configuring Round Robin DNS in BIND
1203 Configuring NOTIFY in BIND
1204 Configuring Internal BIND Server for Split DNS
1205 Configuring External BIND Server for Split DNS
1206 Alternate BIND Logging

13 DNS Security
1301 Potential DNS Security Problems
1302 Restricting Zone Transfers and Interfaces
1303 Setting Zone ACLs in Windows
1304 Dynamic DNS Security/Cache Pollution
1305 BIND TSIG Keys and Encryption
1306 Restricting BIND Zone Transfers/Interfaces
1307 Jailing BIND

14 Troubleshooting
1401 Troubleshooting a Microsoft DNS Server
1402 Troubleshooting a BIND Server

15 The Windows DNSCMD Utility
1501 Installing DNSCMD and an Introduction pt. 1
1502 Installing DNSCMD and an Introduction pt. 2
1503 DNSCMD Features pt. 1
1504 DNSCMD Features pt. 2

16 Third-Party DNS Tools
1601 Installing and Configuring Webmin
1602 Using Webmin pt. 1
1603 Using Webmin pt. 2
1604 Installing/Configuring Men and Mice QuickDNS
1605 Using Men and Mice QuickDNS
1606 Installing Incognito DNS Commander
1607 Using Incognito DNS Commander


Curso con videotutorial de Ubuntu Linux

Contenido del videotutorial del curso de Ubuntu:

About this course (04:16)
About Linux & Free Software (05:02)
About Ubuntu Linux (03:51)
Where to Go for Help (05:53)
Ubuntu Linux
How to Obtain Ubuntu Linux (05:38)
Downloading Ubuntu Linux Live CD (03:03)
Checking MD5 Sum & Burning to CDRom (05:05)
Booting LiveCD
Initial Boot Menu (03:12)
Default Desktop Environment – GNOME (02:50)
Examples Folder (03:58)
Preinstallation Steps (04:22)
Install LiveCD Pt.1 (04:47)
Install LiveCD Pt.2 (02:00)
Booting Ubuntu Linux & The GNOME Desktop
Initial Boot & Login Screen (03:38)
Exploring the GNOME Desktop (05:58)
Virtual Desktops (03:29)
Nautilus File Manager
File Manager Basics (04:11)
The Home Directory (06:14)
Emblems, Right Click Menus, Drag & Drop (03:57)
Nautilus Special Locations (04:59)
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Pt.1 (05:03)
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Pt.2 (04:47)
Drives, Case Sensitivity, & Permissions (07:11)
Changing the Background (06:21)
Changing Themes, Adding New Elements (06:15)
Creating Your Own Theme Pt.1 (04:47)
Creating Your Own Theme Pt.2 (04:14)
Customizing Panels & Applets (03:30)
Changing Font Preferences (04:18)
Menu Detail
Applications Menu (07:23)
Places Menu Pt.1 (04:03)
Places Menu Pt.2 (03:58)
System Menu (06:15)
Configuration Tools
System/Preferences Menu Pt.1 (06:03)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.2 (03:05)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.3 (03:05)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.4 (04:34)
System/Preferences Menu Pt.5 (04:23)
System/Administration Menu Pt.1 (06:55)
System/Administration Menu Pt.2 (07:21)
Mutimedia Applications
Legal Issues (05:24)
Audio Applications (06:45)
Video, Photo, & Image Editing Applications (06:05)
Productivity Applications Overview (05:12) Writer & Calc Pt.1 (04:13) Writer & Calc Pt.2 (04:22) Base & Impress (06:13)
Evolution (06:21)
Adding New Software
Add/Remove Software Application (05:47)
Software Sources (06:02)
Synaptic Package Manager (06:17)
Easy Ubuntu & Automatix (07:27)
Introduction to the Terminal
Gnome Terminal Application (05:05)
Basic Commands Pt.1 (05:54)
Basic Commands Pt.2 (05:30)
Applications, System Logs & Apt-Get Pt.1 (04:03)
Applications, System Logs & Apt-Get Pt.2 (06:20)
Using Text Editors Pt.1 (05:13)
Using Text Editors Pt.2 (02:56)
Windows Applications in Linux
WINE Project (07:23)
Crossover Office & Cedega (05:09)
Concluding Thoughts (01:49)
About the Author (02:24)